Dispensary: PHC

Rating: 4.6 leaves

There are some really amazing dispensaries out their run by folks who really love cannabis and love growing it. PHC is one of them and their Headband is off the chart. 

Headband is a light green fluffy bud with a slight denseness. The odors are wonderfully pungent with a classic gassy lemon smell.  The flavor, when smoked, is just as delicious as the smell: with milky thick clouds of diesel smoke with after tastes of lemon. This is a lip smacking delicious strain.

The effects of headband are lovely. The user feels lovely.  The surroundings are lovely.  People are lovely. Everything is lovely. Indeed, headband is one of the most positive, uplifting, happy and lovely strains I have ever tried.  So much so that I felt the need to express my love to everyone over IG after smoking. Thank you to those readers who reciprocated my message. In addition to feeling lovely, users will feel deeply relaxed and chill, attentive, with all their troubles and stresses melting away.

Headband belongs in the cannabis canon. It is a classic super feel good OG strain. Not only is it appropriate for both experienced and novice users, novice users are encouraged to try Headband as part of their cannabis education.